All You Need to Know About Our Secret Sauce (Part II)

Insights • January 19, 2018

So we’ve got a bunch of super-talented, creative-minded production folks ready to make anything and everything. Now what? Of course, there’s the budget. The dreaded word that creatives don’t want to think about and clients always want to keep in mind.

Making things costs money. That’s the simple truth. But we also think that the old agency way of doing things—aka hiring a big production company that then outsources every individual person on their squad—adds a lot of costs that frankly, you don’t always need.

Now, we’re not here to cut corners and figure out ways to cheat our hard-working peeps out of a payday. But we are here to say “how can we make this happen?” It’s not that we’re “yes men.” It’s that we’re “how people.” Limits don’t limit us.

Our creative and strategic abilities give us the knowledge to sit down with our clients and really discuss how to get what they actually need within their budget. Maybe it’s more about making two killer videos instead of four just okay ones. We’re confident about making recommendations like that because of our creative backgrounds.

Plus, here’s a secret a lot of production agencies might not tell you: we want the work to be great too. We want to put it in OUR book and say “look at this amazing job we did.” Sounds self-serving, but hey, it’s advertising. And this knowledge that everyone gets a little something out of their hard day’s work is what keeps people coming back to the office every day, excited to make what’s next.

We don’t cut needlessly. We cut smart.

We don’t just think outside the box. We think so far beyond it that the box is just a little dot.

We just want to make work everyone’s proud of, just like the drawing you created when you were a kid that your mom hung on the refrigerator. We’re always chasing that special feeling.