All You Need to Know About Our Secret Sauce (Part III)

Insights • January 25, 2018

A client hires a production agency to execute its vision for great work but then, at every step of the way, the production agency shuts the client out of the process and then acts shocked when the final product isn’t what was collectively envisioned.

Of course it wasn’t. How could it have been when everything was kept separated with the client off in video village la-la land and the production peeps huddled in a corner whispering? As our friend Yoda would say, this does not a team make.

We see our clients as partners in crime. In making something great, everyone has to be on the same page from start to finish. Part of our job is making creative recommendations and developing executional plans, but the client needs a say in that process too or the whole thing falls apart.

And when the relationship is built on trust, the collaboration battle is already won. It’s only when there’s a lot of secrecy and doubt that there is the butting of heads. How can you butt heads when you’re all able to see the project as it’s being made?

Want to sit down in the edit and walk-through selects? Fine with us. Want to take a seat next to the director? Be our guest.

This environment of openness is one we’ve stood by for a long time, and it has served us well in creating products that everyone is happy with in the end. And isn’t that just the whole point?