All You Need to Know About Our Secret Sauce (Part I)

Insights • January 11, 2018

When it comes to production, the equipment is often seen as king. If you don’t have the latest and greatest cameras, you must not be that great and therefore, not worth talking to. We don’t think like that.

We do invest in the best equipment, but we put equal investment into the people who’ll be operating that equipment. After all, no Arri Alexa ever shot a commercial all by itself. And to our knowledge, Final Cut Pro has never been put on autopilot to edit a video. No, there are people behind each and every piece of technology, software, and gear that brings a client’s vision to life. And we think those people should be pretty darn awesome.

We focus on people who have a vision and a story they want to tell. Maybe they don’t have the most experience or the most awards sitting on the shelf. We can help with that stuff. But we can’t teach someone to have a creative vision when they look through the lens. That’s something that has to come from within.

Our team has come together from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. We don’t want a whole team of people who all graduated from the same film school or who use all the same equipment. Our team learns from each other’s experience and uses that to make even better work.

You won’t have to worry about the C team being brought in to create your work because we don’t have a C team. We only hire A-team quality people who want to take every assignment, no matter how big or small, and make it great.

Don’t know exactly what your vision is? That’s okay. We’re here to help with that. We aren’t just machines cranking out cookie-cutter work. We’re creatives, and before we even start shooting, we can work with each client to develop their dream and envision how best to bring it to life. We aren’t here to pull the old shooting board switcheroo on anyone. From our collective experience, we know that simply leads to pissed off clients and frustrated editors. And there’s no point in that.

Our talent is focused on saying “yes” and then figuring out how to make that yes happen. Of course, shooting a commercial in zero gravity with a five-dollar budget is not going to happen. But we’ll work it out so that we can get as close as possible to something everyone will want to run home and show their family, be proud to see on TV, and say “I helped make that.”