Meet the people behind the cameras, the talented guys and gals who want to bring your vision to life.

We don’t hire people who are easily satisfied. We hire people whose thirst can only be quenched when they make something beautiful. They’re the visionaries at the top of their game. They’re can-dos, not can-nots. They appreciate the power of a Phantom but know when and when not to use it. They turn talking heads into inspired humans. And they do it all with a smile.

Cortney Naylor

Director of Operations

Cortney is a Swiss Army knife of talent, yet it’s her rare ability to juggle an onslaught of demands and still come out smiling that keeps everything headed in the right direction. That and being first in line for whatever new gadget is the latest on the market. We’re pretty sure she was the first Game of Thrones fan too.

Roberto Andrew

Creative Director

Rob is an incredibly talented hockey player. That’s what they do up there in the frozen north we guess. Thing is, no one needs a hockey player in Texas, eh. We’re glad his other passion is doing great creative—which we do need down here.

Kyle Murphy

Integrated Producer

Kyle’s got a unique talent for being able to see the world through his very own Simpsons’ lens. Often mistaken for a hipster, he produces everything we do and some things we don’t, and he does it all with a sly smile and twist of his manicured mustache.

Cecilia Alanis

Senior Art Director

Cecy is a nerd who loves creating beautiful things, baking treats, and then eating said treats. She loves CrossFit, superhero movies, and all things Disney.

Joy Semler

Senior Account Manager

Joy is an all-around visual artist who dabbles (and excels) in everything from digital design and editing to creating some of the most awesome, contest-winning getups you can imagine. Joy puts the same amount of joy into her clients too.

Emmett Strauss

3D Modeler, Render Guru, and Lead Animator

Emmett’s the original unsung hero. A behind-the-scenes guy whose roles as modeler, animator, and renderer mean he isn’t normally the one who gets to accept the accolades. But we pat him on the back daily and promise he can make the acceptance speech at the Oscars.

Bryant Alvarez

Editor Extraordinaire

Bryant’s one of those guys who just can’t take a bad photo. That annoys the heck out of the rest of us who insist on doing endless takes until we look the way we imagine ourselves. We hate Bryant for that but he’s an awesome editor so we cut him some slack. Just kidding, we love Bryant.